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Health was a mess , like my lifestyle but lifestyle is another story.
I never learned the skills needed for a healthy lifestyle from my family.

It was when my health was so bad, I walked into my doctor in 2006 and he said to me that needed to lose the weight. A few months after starting my Dr said to me that he didn’t believe I was able to lose any weight at all but I was able to achieve that.

So I went to the gym and started with an excercise physiologist and dietion who helped me to start learning those healthy habits. I had lax muscles from having never built them right, along with poor cardio function.

When I started at the gym I was only able to do two minutes cardio rest for one minute and then go again.

Any form of excercise growing up was unknown. All we knew was school sport,

At home it was sitting around mostly. So I went on to start getting health and fitness

Under control to become stronger than I was to start with. Yes it’s been a gradual process that needed to build the strength and improve general fitness.

In the end it has been worth it all.
Over the course of 2 years I lost 40 kilos and went on to build stronger muscles.


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Mentor Ben Drake's Health Transformation

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