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They told me they didn’t believe I was able to lose weight.

They told me they didn’t believe I was able to lose weight.

It was a visit to the Drs a bit after losing weight and starting to become stronger. In 2006 I had been told that needed to lose weight or I’d be up for a gastric bypass, diabetes or similar. I had recovered from a dislocated knee cap for the 4th time. Now I was scared me as mum was a diabetic. My entire family was unhealthy, we are few salads. That was just how it was growing up. We knew little about nutrition.

For many years prior I’d been eating healthy with more salads, less soft drink. It was a gradual progression and very up and down. In the past I would buy a 1.25 litre soft drink and it was finished within hours of buying. Sugar was a big craving. Aswell as cheese.

I had taken the advice and gone to the gym, starting to get healthy. I was working with lax muscles, a back injury, reoccurring dislocation of knee caps. When met a new friend he said even my heart rate was poor. I went on to start losing 250 g per week. Which was awesome.

From there I went back to network marketing whose products knew worked and went on to lose over 40 kilos. I was still dealing with needing to build a stronger back muscles and a lot of strengthening of my body. That has been a continued area since that conversation in 2006 about losing weight.

I have learnt to alkalize my body as one of my grandfather’s died from cancer. Giving myself the best nutrition that could.

It has taken a lot of cleaning up to get to the strength that have now. I’d love to thank the team who have helped in so many ways. If You would like to know more just let us know.

Mentor Ben Drake's Health Transformation

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